Poor Xorg performance on OpenSuse 11.1

I upgraded my opensuse 11 installation on my laptop (Dell XPS 1330) to opensuse 11.1 and I notices straight away that my 2d graphics performance was _abysmal_.

The gfx card on my laptop is Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 using the xorg intel driver.

Things like scrolling in gmail and scrolling man pages in konsole and 2d screen savers all went to a crawl and the driver kept on crashing the machine, I tried to tweak different things in xorg.conf but nothing helped.

I put up with it for a few weeks but today I got fed up and reverted to 11.0, now the performance is back to acceptible levels.

Because of this i’ve been disappointed with the 11.1 release. Luckily from a Kde 3.5 point of view there is little difference between 11.0 ans 11.1.

Hopefully this issue will be solved and a patch released. Actually come to think of it I really should raise a bug.

If anyone else has experienced issues with the intel driver on OpenSuse 11.1 or xorg 7.4 please leave a comment describing your problems.

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