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31 Dec 2019

Running a blog on Kubernetes on your home Raspberry Pi!

This blog is actually running on Kubernetes, on a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4!

General Stack:

  • Arch Arm Linux(32 bit) - Arch on ARM
  • RootFS on an external USB3 SSD.
  • K3S based Kubernetes single node cluster - K3S
  • Nginx ingress controller(not traefik as is the default for K3S)- ingress-nginx
  • Cert-Manager for LetsEncrypt based SSL Certs - cert-manager
  • ElasticSearch/Kibana/FluentBit for logging(All ARM builds that are running on the Raspberry Pi 4)
  • Hugo with continuous deployment from GitHub - Hugo

This setup uses 5-7 Watts when operational. This means it will cost ~€10 per year to run! Probably one of the cheapest elastic search setups out there!

I hope to write a blog post on each of these topics in the coming days.

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